The cost of failing to optimize

Veloxum by Voosh LLC helps tune complex IT infrastructures to extract optimum performance. Veloxum’s iPTE™ (intelligent Performance Tuning Engine) delivers an automated, highly adaptive tuning application that allows IT departments to unlock the hidden potential in their existing infrastructure.

Just as infrastructure optimization and efficiency are critical to your business goals, your success is critical to ours. Voosh LLC is the perfect partner for success. Let our knowledge and experience work for you.

Veloxum is the first automated software that integrates all components of IT, the network, the hosts and the applications


The Solution

Today's deployed hosts and applications, server and workstation are not properly tuned to take advantage of purchased and available capacity

Veloxum's iPTE™ software automatically tunes sections of the end stations, server or workstation:

  • Networking stack of the Server, Workstation or Virtual Machine
  • Operating System of the Server, Workstation or Virtual Machine
  • Application running on Server, Workstation or Virtual Machine

Veloxum's iPTE™ optimization also works with and extends performance with traditional WAN accelerators

Comprehensive Performance Optimization

Veloxum’s iPTE™ is a comprehensive performance optimization solution specifically created to tune performance and maximize capacity in virtualized and non-virtualized environments

Active Remediation

Veloxum’s patent-pending technology both identifies and fixes performance problems via active remediation.

Utilizes Existing Infrastructure

iPTE™ utilizes existing hardware, software and the manufacturer supported settings.

Integrates with Network Monitoring and Management Tools

A Web Services API provides
for integration with existing network
monitoring and management

Fast and Easy

Deployment is fast and easy with near immediate results.

Zero Impact on your Vendors

iPTE™ does not invalidate any manufacturer warranties or service contracts.

Veloxum by Voosh LLC helps IT departments improve the capacity and performance of Microsoft SharePoint™ , Exchange™ and VMware ESX™ deployments.  The Veloxum software solution tunes the entire infrastructure for optimum performance.  We use the manufacturer supported configuration settings, modifying them based on system and installation context.

Unwanted disconnects, slow response times, and underutilized systems are resolved by using our intelligent Performance Tuning Engine (iPTE™ ).

iPTE™ baselines and analyzes all aspects of your environment, from edge to core, then creates optimum configuration profiles for all of your systems.  Once approved, iPTE™ logs all of the configuration changes, implements them and and re-baselines your application and system performance.


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