iPTE™ intelligent Performance Tuning Engine

iPTE™ is a completely automated method of applying near real-time optimization of the SharePoint, Exchange and VMware implementations.

All testing, capture and optimization is an automatic process required no operator involvement except at installation

Policy based optimization and the building of profiles is accomplished over time and operator can weight optimization settings as required by the workflow of the Enterprise business.


The iPTE™ (intelligent Performance Tuning Engine) is a lightweight and scalable performance management solution which helps IT optimize enterprise configuration settings across every tier (machine, network, and application). The solution allows IT to better leverage existing staff, devices, systems and networks and increase the performance of your applications while staying within vendor supported configurations.

Today’s IT personnel are becoming overwhelmed with the complexity of their environment, and its rapid pace of change. iPTE™ automates the process of discovery, test, analysis, and reconfiguration that is currently done manually.

Over Provision, Under Perform

In order to accelerate application response times and mask the symptoms of a non-optimized infrastructure, IT departments frequently over provision server hardware, or purchase application delivery controllers and WAN accelerators.

Unfortunately this additional expense serves mostly to hide the root cause of performance problems for specific applications, increase the complexity of the environment by adding additional components to manage, and does nothing to solve the underlying problem – an improperly tuned system.



A Better Solution: Veloxum by Voosh's iPTE™


Veloxum's iPTE™ (intelligent Performance Tuning Engine) was designed to unlock existing capacity in your enterprise networks, applications, and hardware components.

Its flexible, modular design allows you to easily optimize configuration settings across every tier, and provides an autonomous, holistic solution for even the most entrenched performance issues.

Veloxum by Voosh is the first automated software that integrates all components of IT, the network, the hosts and the applications

The hosts and applications, server and workstation are not properly tuned to take advantage of purchased and available capacity


Veloxum by Voosh's iPTE™ Platforms

Veloxum's  iPTE™ (Intelligent Performance Tuning Engine) software automatically tunes three sections of the end stations, server or workstation:

  1. The Networking section of the Server, Workstation or Virtual Machine
  2. Operating System of the Server, Workstation or Virtual Machine
  3. Application running on Server, Workstation or Virtual Machine

Veloxum’s optimization works with and extends performance with traditional WAN accelerators

Veloxum’s solution detects issues with network capacity and performance


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