The Virtual Desktop and Remote User


Remote Access

Corporations are increasingly centralizing applications, with users gaining access from their homes, remote offices, and while on the road. Each of these scenarios require custom configurations so that response times are maintained.



iPTE™ will automatically 'tune' the remote server or client to the optimum settings, using the manufacturer supplied configuration ranges. No additional hardware or in-band software is used, rather, the server, o/s, application and TCP stack are analyzed, adjusted and confirmed for the best configuration for the user's needs and location.

Tests and adjustments are made; by the administrator using iPTE™ suggestions; by iPTE™ with administrator input; or automatically by iPTE™.



Performance issues resolved

  • SharePoint performance serving remote offices
  • Unwanted, unnecessary disconnects
  • >20 second delay in Outlook view changes
  • Improved density on VMware server instances
  • WAN throughput improvements of up to 8X

The iPTE™ solution dramatically improves the overall data movement from the core to the edge and back.

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